devenv: Docker setup for mongo and RabbitMQ

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This is a quick recipe how to set up a dockerized development environment (e.g. for one of my node.js projects abarbanell/loopnav ). This works for MacOS, but the ideas may be usable also elsewhere. We will need the following components in separate docker containers:

  • mongo
  • rabbitMQ

I took some ideas from:



but in my setup there are a few differences:

  • I use boot2docker instead of vagrant
  • i use docker-compose to simplify the container setup.

How to use



git clone

this repo, and do one of these commands:

$ up
$ $(bin/ shellinit)
$ docker ps
         Name                       Command               State                        Ports                       
devenv_mongo_1    / mongod            Up>27017/tcp                         
devenv_rabbit_1   / rabb ...   Up>15672/tcp,>5672/tcp 

$ down